Formation 5-1

The Formation 5-1 is an advanced formation where the team has 1 setter (S - highlighted in blue color) and 5 hitters. In this formation the Right Side Hitter will not receive serves. Also see the less advanced Formation 5-1: Right Side Hitter Receives where the Right Side Hitter player receive serves. Keep in mind that fewer expertise means more focused training on specific skill sets.

The formation has several advantages:

  1. It provides a consistent setter on the court. With one player designated as the setter throughout the entire game, the team can improve its offensive consistency and efficiency.
  2. The 5-1 formation typically includes three front-row hitters who can be effective blockers. This can create a strong block on the net that makes it difficult for the opposing team to get their hits through.
  3. With three front-row hitters, the 5-1 formation provides the team with multiple offensive options. The setter can choose to set the ball to any of the three hitters, keeping the opposing team guessing and off-balance.
However, if any of the other players are having an off day, it can significantly impact the team's performance. And since the same player is designated throughout the entire game, the team may have limited options for substitutions. This can become a problem if the player gets injured or needs a break during a long game or tournament.

  • Stats:

  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Strength: Very Strong
  • Pros: Dedicated setter, blocking expertise, hitting expertise, 3 front hitters, 2 back hitters, libero, designated defend positions, Only outside hitters and libero receives
  • Responsibility:

  • Setter (S): Set, block, serve receive, defend zone 1
  • Center / Middle Blocker (M): Middle block, middle attack
  • Outside Hitter (O): Outside block, outside attack, serve, receive, defend zone 6, play zone 2 in S1
  • Libero (L): Serve, receive, defend zone 5
  • Diagonal / Opposite Hitter / Right Side Hitter (R): Right side block, right side attack, defend zone 1, zone 4 in S1

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