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Learn About the Volleyball Formations by Watching Simple Animations

Last Updated: 29 February 2024: New Content: Added video by Coach Christian of DrivenDragonsVolleyballAcademy and reduced ad load significantly.

There are a lot of information about Volleyball on the web and we assume that you already got the basics covered. Here we teach you how to play the volleyball formations; You can play animation of the well known volleyball formations such as 4-2, 6-2 and 5-1. Keep in mind that these animations are simplified models that should be adjusted to your teams ability. To master volleyball you must learn its stages (see diagram below), formations, rotations, positions and roles by heart so you can focus on skill and improvisation in the heat of the moment. Welcome to learnvolley.com - Use the main links to navigate to each formation.

Volleyball Playing Stages

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Hint: Did you know you can toggle on zone numbers by clicking on the court?

Learnvolley Guide by Coach Christian

In this instructional video, Coach Christian introduces viewers to learnvolley.com, He guides you through the website's features and explains the basics of the full rotation system, a Basic Rotation 6-6 and a 4-2 for beginners. Stressing the importance of understanding formations and rules, he demonstrates how to navigate the tool and emphasizes the need for proper positioning and coverage on the court.

We extend our gratitude to Coach Christian of DrivenDragonsVolleyballAcademy for his invaluable guide. Thanks to his input, we have also substantially decreased the advertising load on learnvolley.com.

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