Cardio Training

Cardio is often also called circuit training, endurance training or aerobic exercise. Examples of cardio can be walking at a brisk pace, running, biking or swimming etc. Although, volleyball mostly requires explosiveness, without cardio training your volleyball performance on the court will be impaired because of the effects of fatigue. Anyone can benefit from cardio workouts.

Why Cardio

If an exercise is of longer duration (at least 10 minutes) and the muscles receive enough oxygen during the exercise then you are doing cardio training. Cardio training strengthens the heart and muscles. The body's metabolism is improved as the muscle's ability to burn nutrients including carbohydrates and fat is increased. The body's ability to absorb, transport and consume oxygen is improved and this gives you better endurance.

Before You Start

You should strive to exercise for at least 30 minutes approximately every second day. Allowing a rest day after a training day prevents strain and injuries. Start small and gradually increase up to 30 minutes per session. Do not overdo the intensity of the workout. If you cannot handle a normal conversation while exercising cardio, you are training too hard. Interval training will give the greatest effect. Several scientific studies have shown that high intensity cardio training provides the best effect. High intensity intervals can be distances from 100 meters (328 Feet) to 1 kilometer (0.6 Miles) with breaks from 30 seconds and up to several minutes.

Recommened Cardio Exercise Videos

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