Plyometrics or "plyos" is an exercise used to increase your speed and strength, which is one of the most effective methods for building explosiveness. In other words, this form of training improves your ability to deliver maximum power in the shortest amount of time. It is for improving jump height, sprint and agility as well as improving your ability to coordinate movements. Perfect for jumping your highest for the perfect spike or receiving those difficult hard driven balls. Plyometric training will be the best way to improve these properties and is not limited to jumps.

Quality Beats Quanitity

Plyometrics is about aggressive muscle stretching (eccentric phase) transitioned immediately (amortization phase) to a powerful muscle contraction (concentric phase). The amortization phase in which the muscles absorbs some of the force and stops movement, must be as short as possible. In this way, you utilize a storage of "elastic energy" in the musculature, which in principle acts just like a tense elastic. By storing and releasing elastic energy you increase explosiveness. Plyometric exercises activate the body's central nervous system and improve its elasticity. Performing the exercise with maximum output and with quality in mind will yield the best results.

Before You Start

Plyometrics is a slightly advanced form of exercise that can be hard for the body. To avoid injury, it is important that you have enough strength in the muscles and joints. You should combine plyometrics with strength training and perform the exercise correctly to avoid injuries. Always warm up properly before the exercise and start slowly. You should train 1-3 times per week, it is important to give the muscles time to recover by not training the same muscle groups for several days in a row. The recovery time between each workout will typically be 2-3 days depending on the intensity. As a beginner, you should slowly let your body get used to the strain of this exercise. For some athletes, it takes many months and even a year before the body achieves this.

Recommended Plyometric Exercise Videos

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