Formation 6-2

The Formation 6-2 is an intermediate formation with 2 setters but unlike formation 4-2 with middle blocker, the setter (S1 or S2 - highlighted in blue color) in the back sets the balls and therefore the 2nd setter in the front will play as an right side hitter. The Formation 6-2 is a popular choice for teams that have two strong setters who can effectively run the team's offense. It allows for a diverse range of offensive options and can be effective in confusing the opposing team's defense. However, it also requires players to be versatile and comfortable playing multiple positions on the court. In this formation it makes good sense to include a libero (L - highlighted in red color) to the team. Libero is always optional.

A libero is a specialized defensive player in indoor volleyball who wears a different colored jersey than their teammates and has certain limitations on their role. The libero is typically the team's best passer and defender and is responsible for receiving the opposing team's serve and making defensive plays in the back row.

The libero position was first introduced in international volleyball in the late 1990s as a way to improve the quality of play and increase the speed and excitement of the game. Since then, the libero position has become a staple in indoor volleyball at all levels of play.

The libero is allowed to substitute freely for any back-row player without counting as a regular substitution. They are also not counted as a front-row player, which means they cannot block or attack the ball above the height of the net while in front of the attack line. Additionally, the libero cannot serve or set the ball with their hands while standing above the height of the net.

The libero's primary role is to pass the ball accurately and consistently to the team's setters, allowing the team to run a variety of offensive plays. They are also responsible for making defensive plays in the back row, such as digging hard-driven spikes and making diving saves to keep the ball in play.

In terms of physical attributes, liberos are typically shorter than other players on the team, with excellent footwork, quickness, and reaction time. They must have strong communication skills to effectively direct their teammates on the court and make split-second decisions about where to position themselves on the court.

Overall, the libero position is a crucial part of a successful indoor volleyball team, providing a specialized defensive player who can contribute to the team's success in many different ways.

  • Stats:

  • Difficulty: Moderate / Hard
  • Strength: Strong
  • Pros: Dedicated Setters, blocking expertise, hitting expertise, 3 front hitters, libero, designated defend positions
  • Responsibility:

  • Setter (S): Set, block, right side hit, serve, receive, defend zone 1
  • Center / Middle Blocker (M): Middle block, middle attack
  • Outside Hitter (O): Outside block, outside attack, serve, receive, defend zone 6
  • Libero (L): Serve, receive, defend zone 5

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