Men's Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are an essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about the sport. Designed to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury, choosing the right pair of volleyball shoes is crucial for players of all levels. In this page, we have collected some of the popular volleyball shoe options available in the market.

Choosing the Right Volleyball Shoe

When selecting volleyball shoes, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Stability: Volleyball shoes should offer excellent lateral support and a low, flat sole to maintain balance and minimize the risk of ankle injuries.
  • Cushioning: Look for shoes with quality cushioning in the soles to absorb impact during jumps and landings, reducing the risk of overuse injuries.
  • Grip: Opt for shoes with gum rubber outsoles featuring a herringbone or hexagonal tread pattern for optimal traction on indoor surfaces.
  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure a snug fit with ample toe room to prevent blisters and discomfort during play.

Ultimately, the right volleyball shoe can make a significant difference in a player's performance and overall enjoyment of the game. It's essential to try on different options and, consider these factors, and select the pair that best suits your playing style and needs.


The GEL-ROCKET® 11 style is a versatile indoor court shoe that's tailored for the needs of court athletes. Offering excellent stability and effortless maneuverability, this shoe is a top choice for those who play a variety of court sports.

One standout feature of this shoe is its flexible upper construction, which enhances breathability and comfort, ensuring your feet stay cool and relaxed during intense gameplay.

The TPU TRUSSTIC® application in the midsole is a game-changer, resisting over-twisting and bolstering stability, particularly during rapid transitions on the court.

The wrap-up outsole and outrigger provide crucial support during lateral movements, giving you the confidence to make quick side-to-side shifts. Furthermore, the outsole's flexion grooves enhance flexibility, allowing you to move with ease and agility on the court.

Overall, the GEL-ROCKET® 11 is a reliable choice for indoor court athletes, thanks to its balance of stability, comfort, and flexibility.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7 is an athletic powerhouse, meticulously crafted to help athletes surpass their limits. Prioritizing comfort, cushioning, and flexibility, this shoe is a game-changer for performance-driven individuals.

Powered by the Mizuno ENERZY midsole, it offers an extraordinary combination of softness, durability, and rebound, ensuring every step is explosive and powerful. The extended forefoot Wave plate further boosts energy return, making it an ideal choice for sports like basketball and volleyball.

Stability is a standout feature, courtesy of Mizuno Wave technology, harmoniously blending cushioning and stability. The Parallel Wave technology distributes shock uniformly throughout the sole, delivering top-notch cushioning and stability.

Other notable features include the D-Flex Groove for rapid turns and maximum speed, Dura Shield for toe protection and enhanced longevity, and DynamotionFit for seamless foot movement. The PoWnCe lightweight midsole guarantees outstanding comfort and resilience. Meanwhile, the U4icX midsole delivers stress-free cushioned rides with high rebounds. To top it off, the XG Rubber outsole enhances traction where it's most needed.

For athletes aspiring to reach new heights in their performance, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7 is the ultimate choice. It's more than just a shoe; it's your ticket to unlocking your full potential.


The UPCOURT™ 5 shoe is a fantastic choice for those seeking a lightweight court shoe that excels in both flexibility and comfort. Its design incorporates a broad mesh paneling section, ensuring a snug and adaptable fit that enhances your playing experience.

Moreover, the shoe boasts supportive midfoot overlays that greatly improve stability during demanding multi-directional movements. Whether you're pivoting, sprinting, or making quick lateral shifts, these overlays keep you grounded.

Additionally, the toe and heel counters are reinforced with durable panels, guaranteeing an extended lifespan for your shoes. This ensures that your investment in the UPCOURT™ 5 will endure through many matches and practices. In conclusion, the UPCOURT™ 5 shoe strikes a perfect balance between comfort, flexibility, and durability, making it a standout choice for court athletes.

Adidas Crazyflight X

Adidas Crazyflight X Volleyball Shoes are the ideal choice for indoor court athletes looking to elevate their game. These sneakers are designed for ultimate performance with a sleek, lightweight design.

Featuring Adidas Boost cushioning in the midsoles and EVA for added stability during lateral movements, these shoes provide a smooth takeoff and landing experience. The breathable mesh uppers keep your feet cool and dry even during intense matches.

Choose from low- or mid-cut styles, and experience unparalleled traction with the Top Grip rubber outsoles. Whether you're a professional player or a passionate enthusiast, Crazyflight shoes are designed to help you soar above your competition.

Notably, some Crazyflight models are made with high-performance yarn from up-cycled plastic waste in partnership with Parley Ocean Plastic™.

If you want to take your volleyball game to new heights, the Adidas Crazyflight X Volleyball Shoes are a top choice. They offer a sock-like fit, responsive Boost cushioning, and top-grip rubber outsoles for exceptional control on indoor surfaces.

These shoes were even worn by the USA Volleyball team during the 2019 season, boasting a team logo on the tongue and stars and stripes on the outsole, making them a standout choice for serious players.

Nike React HyperSet

The Nike HyperSpeed Court shoe is designed for agility on the hardwood, it boasts cutting-edge features that elevate your game. The Zoom Air cushioning beneath the toes ensures a responsive and comfortable ride, reducing the impact on your feet during those high-intensity plays.

What sets this shoe apart is its exceptional traction and strap. With the grippy sole you'll experience supreme control and stability as you make those quick cuts and explosive moves. Opinions on the strap, however, vary, with some liking it and others disliking it. The lightweight design not only enhances speed but also minimizes fatigue during long matches.

Made from breathable materials, your feet stay cool and comfortable even during intense gameplay. Plus, the shoe's durability means it's in for the long haul. It'll support you through the entire season without showing signs of wear and tear.

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